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Enabling Children to Achieve

Puddle-ducks’ No 1 aim is to ensure your child achieves their maximum outcomes for their age group and development stage.

We achieve this by using a multi-faceted approach in our delivery of what we think, is the best child care environment for your child.

We embrace the Early Years Foundation framework by implementing the following:

  • Each child has a designated key person to observe, monitor and plan your child’s individual learning plan.

  • We regularly assess and monitor your child’s early learning goals and can adapt learning activities to ensure these are maximised.

  • We communicate your child’s developmental goals with parents on a regular basis and parents have access to their child’s independent learning file when required.

  • Our staff undertake continuous professional development so that their skills are updated to give assurance to parents that their child is looked after by professionals who are enthusiastic and take pride in their field of work.

  • Our vibrant and exciting curriculum allows children to participate and learn in a caring environment; often exceeding the Ofsted developmental matters age group outcomes.

  • We introduce numeracy and literacy for our children at an early age, encouraging the love of reading and writing as well as ensuring that children understand and achieve excellent levels in early years mathematics, science and problem solving.


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